Property Managers

We’re the extra set of eyes every property manager needs. In between tenant occupations, our property managers rely on us to inspect empty suites and make sure they’re cleaned, sanitized, and ready to show! We understand you’re too busy running your successful business, and you may not have time to monitor your building at all times. Don’t fret—our property cleaning and maintenance services can keep your office or other commercial building in tip-top shape. We’ll handle the maintenance and operations of your space so that you can focus on what you do best: being a leader.

Best Property Managers in San Jose

We’ll ensure that your property is being operated in accordance with your guidance, as well as your company’s mission and vision statements. We’ll manage the day-to-day needs for your office, including maintenance and custodial tasks. Because this role requires a high level of organization, we only hire the best talent who boasts excellent customer service skills. Additionally, we also take care of move-in and move-out cleanups.


When you work with our handymen, we’ll inspect their projects to ensure it’s up to par and that they’ve completed their job in a timely manner.


We want to guarantee that your office is looking as sharp as possible for your employees and potential clients. We’ll report any graffiti, broken dispensers, misuse of your dumpsters, and damage to your property to you. With over 30 years of experience, we proudly serve offices and other commercial buildings in San Jose, California, and surrounding Bay Area cities.