Office Cleaning Services in San Jose, CA

Your office needs to be clean to impress clients and partners and to keep your employees happy. That’s why Town & Country Office Cleaning offers office cleaning services in San Jose, CA. and the surrounding areas. We can come by whenever you need us to so that your office stays safe and clean.

While everyone who visits your office benefits from a clean space, your employees are the ones who will benefit the most. They’re the ones who work for hours every day in the space. When your office is clean from bacteria, viruses, and allergens, they can focus on what they do best, leading to productive work hours and fewer sick days.

What Do We Offer?

Our office cleaning work covers every aspect of your building. We clean everything from the floors to the windows to the lighting. Most of our crews work nights so that we can come in when you’re not working. But we do have day porter services where we clean up any messes as they happen. Our team also provides basic handyman services.

Whether you need daily cleaning or a one-off carpet clean, Town & Country Office Cleaning is the right choice. We come whenever you need us, and we offer same-day services for any special requests or unscheduled needs.


To request a quote in San Jose, CA, call us at 408-437-0284.